Membership Benefits


When you’re part of IFAA, you’re part of the strongest, full-service cultural & film association in India. Think of it like a many-strong professional that’s got your back. We have negotiated some of the strongest collective agreements for performers in the world and we stand together to make sure engagers deliver the pay and protections that we’ve been promised. There are many good reasons to be part of our association.

    • 1 Authorized I.D. Card of the person with details.

    • 2. To provides free of cost workshop.

    • 3. To provides platform and work according your profile.

    • 4. You can use or present this card as a work id any where in India.

    • 5. He/she can register his /her banners or titles.

    • 6. Free 5 passes of every program.

    • 7. All the inquiry and support related to media will be provided free of cost.

    • 8. Discount will be given to the registered member/firm to arrange event programs by ifaa.

    • 9. Promotion or Advertisement of the registered member/firm in all the programs organized by ifaa will be given discount.

    • 10.You can register your works in the association.

    • 11. The association helps you to get recognition and fame and sends profile of its members to related organizations.

    • 12. All members can participate in programmers organized by association.

    • 13.We will provide monthly newsletter at your registered address by courier free of cost.

    • 14.We will provide ifaa film directory (telephonic) per annum free of cost.

    • 15.We will provide web page with your full details at ifaa website free of cost.

    • 16.We will provide private panel for audition details, film tender, film award or exhibition film financer free of cost.

    • 17. Member has a right to discuss and contribute his thoughts in member meeting.

    • 18. Member can work by using registered banner of association.

    • 19. Member can investigate the matter regarding none paying according to the work.

    • 20. Free of cost listing in directory along with membership.

    • 21. Association will provides time to time news/interview article folio coverage (publish ) in bollywood dreams magazine Free of cost.


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