Our Objective


IFAA, a distinguished association of artist ( writers, directors, cameramen, producer etc.) seeks to examine the current scenario of Indian Cinema and media & entertainment world and promotes Indian Culture and ethos and launches new talented artist from all part of India, specially from and rural and suburbs area) and it provides copyrights and memberships. It organises various shows, seminars, workshops and award ceremony. Today films are undoubtedly great means of entertainment and Promoter of social and political awareness among Indian society. But this film production is collective effort of several creative minds, considering interests of creative artists in mind. Indian film AWDPT association is prominent institution. To promote and fulfill the dreams of several unrecognized creative artists whether it is artist, writer, director, producer or technician the AWDPT shall provide a platform. We shall not be thorough professional in its approach our chief motto would not be profit making rather it would promote Indian culture, moral values and ethics by producing films, documentary, writing, acting etc.To organize Seminars, Conferences, Discussions, Film Festivals, Film Marketing, film making, Awards, events etc for Indian culture. The association will be situated in delhi. The specific reason for this purpose is because all the major existing body are located in Mumbai. Due to this those artists who lives far away and do not have any access to these institution can make connection with this easily. And due to lack of access they are not able to show their talents, both young and old remain unrecognized.


Our Motto

We are dedicated to enhancing the growth, development and protection of original artistic and creative works of independent film makers worldwide by creating a bridge to network affiliates in areas of production, exhibition, distribution, advertising and marketing.At the wake of our challenged economy, IFAA persist to address the understated concerns of filmmakers worldwide. We feel the urgency to inform and educate creative emerging filmmakers on intellectual property law, copyright protection and infringement, in conjunction with unauthorized use of creative works or property for the purpose of piracy, duplication, replication, or online file sharing. Those artists who would excel with distinction in their performances would not go unrewarded. Unlike other associations who involve either writer or producer or director, therefore possibilities of disputes are very high because each of the belong to different association, we involve other artists like cameraman and other technical workers, writers etc in the same association therefore chances of disputes between producer or director with other members like artists, writers, technician etc are very low and if by chance, it happens, the members of this associations would be able to resolve their problems easily.

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